Let's Talk About Ovens!

Let's Talk About Ovens!

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Let’s talk ovens! At the BEE, we have a large selection of ovens because, aside from mixers, ovens are a baker’s best friend. Right?

So, check out the selection of Southbend ovens we have in stock:

First of all, Southbend have been making ranges and ovens since 1898, which makes them a trusted manufacturer with over 150 years of experience.

There are many appeals to this double-stack oven.

The redesigned doors are now fog-free – very important to watch your baked goods. Plus, the dependent doors are cool to the touch during use. You will have uniform baking and cooking with its soft heat mixing zone technology. This feature mixes hot and cold air for even baking. Another important factor is that the oven has a quick recovery, very necessary when making multiple batches of cookies.

There is a touch screen for the controls. Their new ventless technology permits the baker to place the oven anywhere.

Below is the single-stack, natural gas single convection oven.

And, the triple-size convection oven with three chambers for high volume baking.


Happy Baking!  



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